Taste changes! What is next?

My coffee life started with the worst coffee in the world. My first coffee was that powder which you mixed with water and bam you’ll have coffee. Then a lot of senseo coffees, smouldering hot pre-ground coffee. Then I got into coffee true the father of my girlfriend, he had an espresso machine at home and started a company in specialty coffee. Repair and more. After that first espresso and the amount of aroma’s hit me I was hooked.

First I only drank cappuchino’s, good cappuchino’s are smooth and so tasty. At proper temperature the milk is so sweet and with a full bodied espresso there is so much taste.

Then I got a chemex for Christmas, first I thought; “I do not like black coffee!”. This was because of the experience I had with the previous coffee’s. I was so wrong! When freshly ground and perfectly poured at the right temperature you can get tastes from coffee I never thought I’d taste in coffee.

This set of my need for more way’s to make coffee. I bought an aeropress and a frenchpress and more to come. I want to know which tastes I can get out of coffee, I want to enjoy coffee everytime I make it. Not as before as a way to wake up or stay awake. There are different types of beans, there are so much way’s to brew coffee. And even the way you brew per brewing method can change so much that I’ll have a lifetime of trying to find new tastes in coffee to come.

So much more awful and amazing coffee’s to come!


AeroPress!! My thoughts.

So I have bought an Aeropress some time ago. For everybody that does not know what an Aeropress is, it’s just another way of making coffee. This version of making coffee is quick easy and forgiving. Not like espresso when 0.1 gram counts. So I have this machine now for about 2 months and have a pretty good understanding of how it works now, here are my thoughts.

The most important part is what comes out. As said this method if pretty forgiving, so just take 1 scoop, grind it somewhere between a chemex and espresso grind, fill up the Aeropess with beans and water, press it after a minute or so and you’ll have pretty good coffee. You can fine tune this and have a very good cup of coffee. On the other hand I do not always enjoy the full immersion coffees.

Traveling with this thing is the best. Maybe you are like me and you need to take your coffee everywhere and putting a beatifull chemex in your backpack does not sound like a great idea, then this is perfect. I live on the 12th floor and I guess that when I drop it from there it will be fine. It also does not have a lot of parts so just travel perfection.

There are 2 methods to use it, I am not going to make this a big part of this blog because it just does not matter. Using it the original way or the inverted way is just the same. The inverted way is les stressful and messy so I use that one most of the time.

Conclusion for me is that this is a very good way of making coffee but if I have my chemex or espresso machine at hand i’ll rather use that then the aeropress. Just because I like those brewing methods better than the full immersion.

Coffee traveling troubles

Are you a coffee enthusiast? And do you travel every ones in a while? You might recognize this.

So I was on holliday in France camping and throwing around my Aeropress. On the way back I craved a good cup of coffee, I did not care what coffee it was aa long as it was coffee. So I dicided to get a “coffee” from a Lavazza machine which grinds beans, that last bit is the bar minimum for me. What I got from this apparatus was a sort of double espresso with milk. I do not go well with milk at the moment so threw it in the bin. So second try was an espresso, this time I got something that looked like I wanted. After about 10 minutes I was able to drink it and well did not really enjoyed it. End up drinking it anyway ofcourse, the adict that I am haha..

So how do we get good coffee on the road!!?

How to do the perfect pour over coffee with a Chemex bottle!

So I made a video about how to make a pour over coffee with a Chemex bottle. It is short and lets you see what you need to know. The rest is all findable on the internet like, how warm does my water need to be, or how much grams of coffee do I need per liter of water? I don’t need to tell you this!

Look at the video, by clicking on the photo below, and let me know if you like it.

How to make a chemex pour over coffee

Chemex coffee brew

So yeah I really like coffee. I started drinking coffee when I was say 16 or so. It was that dirty powder coffee from the machine at work. It was only when I met my girlfriend who’s dad has a passion and a company in coffee, that the coffee pashion got transferred over to me. I got a Expobar espresso machine and for the first year I was hooked on cappuccinos. 

Now couple years later I learned more about the different tastes in beans and really started to appreciate the regular black coffee again, when brewed correctly!

I also tried the french press and a bialetti but those where not really my thing, handy when traveling but thats all.

So now my day consists of about 2 cappuccinos and 2 cups of chemex brew.